Unfortunately dementia is an increasingly prevalent condition in the elderly. Blackdown Nursing home understands this and are able to provide care for mild sufferers of the condition, including those that develop the condition whilst in the home.

All of our residents are individually assessed to determine their needs so that we personalise our care services to meet those needs, whilst maximising the potential to live a normal life. All of our care staff have undertaken dementia and elderly mental health training and know how to deal with the additional needs caused by dementia and give the best possible care. We also provide several specialist facilities and features to assist the dementia sufferer to be as independent and able to live with the condition as well as possible.

Dementia friendly signage is used for assisted bathrooms and to direct residents to communal areas.

High contrast electrical fittings and other fittings including light switches can be provided to assist sufferers in locating light switches, bathroom areas and other essential items.

Enhanced lighting is used in communal areas and bedrooms to assist vision.

Decoration is light and bright to enhance light levels and assist vision along with strongly coloured feature walls and bathroom doors to give definition.

Soft furnishings are also bright with plain patterns to avoid confusion.

Brightly coloured tableware is available for those with poor colour definition.

We provide garden access in all our homes including sensory areas.