Freshly cooked meals from our own kitchen
At Blackdown Nursing home. Home we believe that food and nutrition are two of the most important factors in the well being of our residents. For a start good food is important for everyone’s enjoyment of life and particularly so for the elderly and the frail. Good nutrition is vital for sustenance and recovery.

At Three Corners we believe that enjoying food is an important part of everyone’s enjoyment of life, and particularly so for the elderly and the frail. We all know that good food makes people happy, so we make sure we know everyone’s preferences and dietary requirements.

We use fresh, locally-sourced organic ingredients wherever possible including meats, fish, eggs, potatoes and other vegetables.

We serve three delicious, freshly prepared meals each day and we make sure our residents have easy access to snacks and drinks throughout the day and night. For those that find swallowing difficult, we create food that is not only easy to eat, but which also looks and tastes wonderful. Meals can be taken in the dining room or in a resident’s own bedroom whichever is their preference.


A choice of a full English cooked breakfast or lighter options.


A choice of two hot dishes every lunchtime.


A choice of soups, sandwiches and supper snacks followed by dessert.


(Served at any time):  tea, coffee, soft drinks, biscuits, cake.